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1. Hollow-core Slabs

This pre-cast and pre-stressed element is producted from a high quality concrete (with the lowest water cement ratio) and with a high strength carbon steel wires, ( 1700 N/mm2 ) according to the latest and progressive tecnology, in our factory.

Dimension of the elements are:

  • width: 120, 60, 40 (cm)
  • Thickness: 25, 20, 15 (cm)
  • Length: as order up to 12.5 (m)

These elements can be consumed in roofing as flooring systems and wall panels of diffrent types of constructions such as housing systems, industrials, ware-houses etc.

Main advantage of these elements ara:

  • Fast execution
  • High load-earing capacity ( see diagrams )
  • Can be used just after the erection
  • In steel framing structures: possible to erect the several storeys simultaneously

2. Inverted T-beams

These T-beams are used with block tiles such as clay, concrete, nowadays with polystyrene foams cast-in-situ concrete which are known as semi prefabricated flooring system ( see detail ).

3. Other special elements

We produce also other elements as orderd, such as long pre-stressed concrete girders, columns etc.

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